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International Relief


LAPA-NCR maintains a robust International Relief effort. Supporting this effort is one very real way that the members of LAPA-NCR can maintain contact with their country of adoption. This International Relief, or IR, is multi-faceted.


IR's primary responsibilities are:



Donations: LAPA-NCR collects clothes, shoes, medicines, toys, or school items which are then packaged and sent to orphanages or other charitable organizations overseas.  


Read how a trip to Little Italy resulted in a big connection for helping the people of Latin America.


See a list of what we have collected and what we have sent.


Financial Contributions: LAPA-NCR uses a portion of its budget to send donations to medical, social, religious and charitable organizations who are involved in bettering the lives of children in Latin America.

What You Can Do


Send us donations! You can donate and new or gently-used clothing or shoes (please, no adult clothing!).  NEW underwear is especially appreciated.  Any season is accepted, but the summer clothes are the most useful. We also have great use for medicines - fever reducers, cold medicines (NON-LIQUID kind!), diaper cream, Pedialyte, first-aid cream, even band-aids. We will also be happy to accept small, stuffed animals (Beanie Baby size)  in good condition.  And while you're purchasing school supplies for your little ones, if you think of it, throw in an extra pack of crayons, pens, pencils, etc. to share with LAPA!


Solicit your doctor (and through them a pharmaceutical company) for sample medicinal supplies. If you have a friend in the medical profession, ask for their advice on the best way to get medical donations. You can now download a copy of a letter that can be used for soliciting supplies from doctors or pharmaceutical companies.


Here is sample text  that you can use:  Doctor's Note text


Recruit others to help out: If your church or synagogue is looking for a Social Action project, suggest working through/with LAPA-NCR to identify some specific projects. Or suggest LAPA-NCR's International Relief for a service project for Girl or Boy Scouts or other civic organizations.


Volunteer to help package or deliver boxes.


If you travel contact us to take a package or two. 


If you know someone who is traveling, please ask them to take a package. If you have contacts within an airline that flies to Latin America, please ask them if they would be able to take packages to deliver to some of our destinations. 


Make a financial donation that is earmarked for International Relief.


Contact us if you know of other organizations that might need our help.