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Here's a list of some of what LAPA-NCR International Relief has accomplished in past years.  As mentioned on the main international relief page, much of our recent effort has focused on Cooperative for Education.  

  • Amanecer (Bolivia) - Providing a home and a new beginning for the abandoned, abused and orphaned street children of Cochabamba since 1981
  • Mi Refugio (Guatemala) - Mi Refugio ministers to the needs of "at risk" children living in and around the Guatemala City garbage dump and in the villages surrounding San Pedro, Sacatepequez.
  • Casa de Sara - Casa de Sara, or Sara's House, is a tax-exempt charity founded by Knoxville resident Lori Santoro to aid needy children in Central and South America. Casa de Sara provides education, health care, and nutrition for Hispanic and Indigenous children in The Americas.
  • Airline Ambassadors (Casa de Paz Fund) (Mexico) - Casa de Paz is an orphanage close to La Mission, Mexico. They house more than 60 children, 10 of them with special needs.
  • Artesanos Don Bosco - The Don Bosco project, or Operation Mato Grosso, provides education and vocational training free of charge to youth in remote areas of Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, and Ecuador.  The funds we provide help pay for the education of at least one student.
  • Cooperative for Education  (Guatemala) - The Cooperative for Education creates sustainable textbook, computer center, reading, scholarship, and library programs in Guatemala.
  • The Ties Program (Benefit of Hogar Mercedes de Jesus Molina) (Peru) - This orphanage, located in the mountains above Cusco, Peru, is a very poor orphanage.  The money donated by LAPA goes toward very simple things that we so often take for granted - cooking utensils, food, heat, school supplies, etc.
  • Mission Teaching Foundation / Global Legacy Programs (Mexico)  Portable ultrasound machine (see article below)
  • Los Martincitos (Peru) - Los Martincitos, a non-denominational enrichment program for poor senior citizens in Villa El Salvador, a shantytown outside Lima, Peru. The 145 members of the program, most of whom are at least 65 years old, have been relegated to living their advanced years in destitution. The program provides nutritious meals to the seniors three times a week, along with basic medical care, classes, activities and a sense of community. 
  • New children's underwear and socks have been collected and disributed to orphanages in Guatemala and/or Peru.
  • Since 2000, over 300 boxes of clothing, shoes, school supplies and beanie baby toys collected at St. Mark Parish in Catonsville, MD. 
  • Since 2001, over 10 boxes of medical and school supplies as well as new underwear have been donated by LAPA members at various social events to include the Holiday Parties, Mis Amigos Summer camp, and the Spring Fling weekends at Gettysburg.
  • As part of their B'nai Mitzvah projects, LAPA members  have collected school supplies and new shoes to send to Latin America.
  • LAPA-NCR member Marlene and daughter Nikki have donated several large bags/boxes of school supplies each year for use in various schools in Latin America.
  • Equipment and training for a small waterworks program for operation of a truck-mounted water well drilling rig to bring access to safe, clean water for rural families in impoverished communities of the remote Northern Andean Highlands of Bolivia where annually many children die due to illnesses related to dirty water, poor sanitation and poor hygiene
  • Support for a locally run and staffed orphanage and school (kindergarten through beyond high-school) of about 70 boys from extreme poverty in Haiti
  • Recently 33 boxes of personal hygiene/health supplies, clothing and shoes, and small toys and games sent to selected orphanages and service organizations in Mexico, Guatemala and Ecuador.

MEXICO - Portable Ultrasound Machine
LAPA-NCR partnered with
Global Legacy Programs to provide funds to The Women's Clinic in Tumbala, Mexico for the purchase a new portable ultra sound machine to serve the pregnant women who require a fetal examination. 


During Global Legacy's Christmas 2009 mission, Mireilla Hanna was happy to report:

"On my itinerary was a visit to  the clinic of Tumbala where the ultra sound machine we offered has been in full use on a daily basis.  In these areas, far remote from any proper hospital, the machine makes it possible for women to anticipate any difficulties in delivery and allows them plenty of time to plan for transport to the hospital in Yajalon in time for delivery.  It can save lives as most women deliver with the help of midwives and by the time problems are obvious they become emergencies that do not always come to a happy ending since transportation is a problem.  The hugs I received from the doctor and nuns were really meant for you too.  Another plus of this clinic is that they allow indigenous midwives to bring the patients to the clinic for delivery, thus creating a bond of assistance and respect between tradition and modern medicine."



Thank you to everyone who has contributed!