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Dear Doctor.....


The Latin America Parents Association (LAPA) is a not-for-profit organization in the state of Maryland. LAPA is not an adoption agency, but a volunteer association of adoptive parents. Our organization is committed to helping families seeking to adopt children from Latin America or children of Latino heritage, as well as families who already have adopted such children. In addition, LAPA maintains a robust International Relief effort to provide material and financial assistance to needy children and families in Latin America.


Through this International Relief effort, we regularly send aid to various orphanages and other organizations in Latin America to help the children who remain there. Many of the orphanages we deal with barely have enough resources to feed the children. Even decent clothing is often a luxury and playthings are an unimaginable extravagance. Our members contribute clothing, toys, school supplies, and other items on a regular basis, but because the need is very great, we are constantly looking into gathering supplies from other sources. Perhaps you could help? If you receive samples of medicines from pharmaceutical company representatives, please consider donating to LAPA any of those samples that your office does not need. The supplies would be sent to Latin American orphanages or clinics that desperately need items such as fever reducers, anti-bacterial ointment, diaper cream, cold medications, etc. Since I live in your area, I would be happy to pick up any supplies you might be able to donate.


Whenever we learn of a family traveling to Latin America to adopt or to visit their child's birth country, we ask them to take several boxes of gifts and supplies that we have collected. LAPA and the recipients of the donations are immensely grateful for any contributions. If we can answer any questions about LAPA or our International Relief efforts, please do not hesitate to contact me or LAPA's Director of International Relief (301-431-3407 or







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