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Volunteer Opportunities


LAPA is a volunteer association - we rely completely on the participation of our members to do all the great things LAPA-NCR does to support adoptive families of children with Latino heritage. We're always looking for new talent to help out. If you would like to contribute your time and talent in some way, please contact and describe what you're interested in doing and what your qualifications are. LAPA will be glad to have your help, and volunteering is a great way to make connections with other LAPA members, too.


For information on volunteering with the Mis Amigos Culture Day Camp, contact


The following volunteer opportunities are available. If you are interested in any of the positions or volunteering in another capacity, please contact



Web Links Researcher


Do you enjoy finding and following internet links and exploring new websites? If so, help us build a better LAPA-NCR Website!


Responsibilities for the Web Links Researcher postion include:


  • Research country-specific web links to compile a list of links for a particular Latin American country.
  • Use Google, BIng or your favorite search engine troll the Web for quality sites that offer reliable and well-written information related to a particular country. 
  • Create a list! It will not be exhaustive, but should be representative. 
  • If several sites offer the same or similar information, choose one or maybe two that seem most reliable, up-to-date and well-maintained, and attractively presented. Meta-sites (sites that have links to other, more
    specific sites) are good.
  • Group the sites you select for your list into headings such as Adoption-Related (Agencies Excluded), General Information, History, Culture, Food, For Kids, Language, Travel/Places, Holidays & Festivals, Religion, Maps, Weather, People, News and Miscellaneous.

The time commitment for this volunteer job is as much as you wish but you may end up putting in up to several dozen hours per country, depending on the depth of your research.


Tools/Skills Needed – basically all you need is a computer with an internet connection, a word processing program that allows you to save your document as text, and time. A basic knowledge of HTML coding is helpful, but not absolutely necessary. Volunteer(s) will be able to use an already compiled page on Mexico as a reference.


This job is NOT a Board position; attendance at Board meetings is optional.



Events Researcher


LAPA-NCR wants to keep its members informed of upcoming Latino/Hispanic focused events in the greater Washington metropolitan area. The Events Researcher position will help LAPA-NCR members by researching events (via internet search or through outreach to local organizations) and developing information to be posted approximately once each month on the LAPA-NCR website.

Responsibilities include:

  • Send this information via email to our LAPA-NCR Webmaster approximately once each month for posting on our electronic calendar.
  • Create email message containing the same information for receipt by an electronic message group approximately once each month. 
  • Review, approve, forward to Webmaster and electronic group various events/event updates throughout each month.

The time commitment for this volunteer job is two to three hours per month.


Skills Needed:

  • Computer familiarity
  • Web search knowledge
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent time management

Volunteer will be provided an existing list of web sites with potential events, as a starting point. This job is NOT a Board position; attendance at Board meetings is optional.